Runway Custom, what’s in Lauren Bush's Closet Fashion Week Realistic

If a celebrity sees me footing in front of the Wortham Theater Center Friday wearing an LBD and a dazed look on my face, gently steer me away and hand me a glass of champagne. I am receiving adapted to my nightly helping of pretty clothes and pretty people at Audi Fashion Houston and don’t want it to end.

Models Mind Your Manners

Three years ago, IMG Fashion staged Fashion Week Live, an involved one-night event with top models like Naomi Campbell and looks bright off the fall runways. The tent, positioned near the Galleria, was striking and many of the clothes were incredible but were the behavior of some in the crowd was thwarting. Talking loudly, asking if there was a waiter for more champagne and even people yelling at each other from across the runway in the middle of the show.

Folks attending Fashion Houston revels this week have been better behaved, although they do rise to offer standing ovations for every designer who shows on the runway. We Houstonians are a lovely gang of highly social people, but at times prudence really is the better part of spirit. With that in mind, I chatted with Lenny Matuszewski, a past model who has been a successful fashion show producer for years, about the do’s and don’ts just off the runway.


I am responsible as charged when it comes to inaudibly commenting to my seatmates when something amazing comes along the runway, but I began to doubt if I was talking out of turn. In Matuszewski’s view, a little chatter can go a long way.

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