The Amazing Race time 17, Episode 4 Recap


Ice, ice baby. The teams went from the tremendous heat of Ghana to the Arctic sphere for this leg. Sure, it's an extreme change of culture. But they might find themselves wishing for just a bit of warmth once again.

They should have realized that you always need to be careful what you hope for. And, on The Amazing Race you are never quite sure where you'll be and what challenges lie ahead. I don't know regarding butt pad but gloves are always a good idea.

The teams left the African heat and zipped off to Sweden. While they all were listed for a meticulous flight, only some of the teams were vivid enough to say, hey, perhaps we can save time and get a different connecting flight!" One would think that this would be the typical tactic by now, but it's clearly not. Thankfully, my old favorite team Michael and Kevin thought of an earlier flight. They teamed up with Mallory and Gary then went for it.

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