Prepare to install 300 CCTV cameras in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Following the terror attacks in Mumbai recently, Ahmedabad police has certain to install 300 CCTV cameras at over 100 significant locations across the city. In order to roll out the scheme, there is a plan to form a citizen's security trust, which will raise funds. 

"With the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, we feel that there is an urgent need to have a complex of spy cameras in a city like Ahmedabad, which has always been on the terror target," Police commissioner S K Sinha told PTI.

CCTV Cameras

"The government system takes time, but we need the CCTV network to be installed at the earliest. Therefore, we plan to outline 'Ahmedabad Citizen Security Trust (ACST)', which would fund the project for the initial three years, after which, it would be merged into the government programme," Sinha said.

"The resources raised through donations would be used only for the reason of installing CCTV cameras across the city at over 100 locations," he added.

"Images from the CCTV cameras would be transmitted during 3G broadband network to the police control room, from where, monitoring would be done," Sinha said. He added that the cameras would not only assist in case of terror attacks, but also in the recognition of local crime and traffic related offenses. 

The police commissioner said that such systems need to be installed directly, considering the terror threat. Also, if 2 to 3 years pass before the project is approved, the technology may have changed and more sophisticated security equipments would then be available and it won't make any point in installing old technology cameras, Sinha said. 

According to Sinha, BSNL has approved to be measurement of the project. 

He added that if more funds are together after deducting the cost of CCTV camera network, the ACST could also take up responsiveness activities on security issues in the city. 

Sinha said that he had efficiently implemented parallel models for traffic related issues in Surat and Rajkot districts while he was posted present as police commissioner. 

The state government has already determined to install CCTV based City Surveillance and Intelligent Traffic Management System (CSITMS) in main cities of Gujarat to monitor traffic in responsive areas, for which tenders have been floated. 

Initially the system would be installed in cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Gandhinagar and Somnath. To know more about hidden cameras

Bee Man contest in China

Audacious beekeepers fight it out in a regional bee bearding competition in the Hunan Province, China. Bee bearding is the art of wearing several hundred thousands of bees on the face and body at one time. 

China Bee Mans

Bee Mans in China

Bee Man in China

China Bee Man title=

Beekeeper Lv Kongjiang, 20, stands with bees covering his body on a weighing scale during a "bee attracting" contest against fellow beekeeper Wang Dalin in Shaoyang, Hunan province July 16, 2011. 

Wang and Lv competed by standing on a scale wearisome only a pair of shorts and using queen bees they reared to attract other bees onto their bodies. 

Wang won the competition after attracting 26 kg (57 lbs) of bees on his body in 60 minutes, while Lv had 22.9 kg (50 lbs), local media reported. 

In this photo out by Xinhua News Agency, 20 year old beekeeper Lu Kongjiang waves as bees cover his body throughout a contest against 42 year old Wang Dalin, also a beekeeper, in Longhui County of Shaoyang City, central China's Hunan Province, Sunday, July 17, 2011. Wang finally won in the hour long duel since 26 kilograms of bees covered his body, Xinhua said.

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Pentagon revealed the loss - hackers accessed 24,000 files

The Pentagon revealed yesterday it suffered one of its largest losses ever of sensitive data this spring in a cyberattack by a foreign government. It is a dramatic example of why the military is pursuing a new strategy emphasizing deeper defenses of its computer networks, collaboration with private industry, and new steps to stop "malicious insiders."

William Lynn, the deputy secretary of defense, said in a speech outlining the strategy that 24,000 files containing Pentagon data were stolen from a defense industry computer network in a single intrusion in March. He offered no details about what was taken but said the Pentagon believes the attacker was a foreign government. He did not say which nation.

"We have a pretty good idea" who did it, Lynn said before the speech. He would not elaborate.

Many cyberattacks in the past have been blamed on China or Russia. One of the Pentagon’s fears is that eventually a terrorist group, with less at stake than a foreign government, will acquire the ability to penetrate US computer networks to steal data and to attack them in ways that damage US defenses or cause deaths.

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Texas mom delivers new baby weighs in at over 16 pounds

A Texas mom expected a big baby, but nobody like this: 16 pounds, 1 ounce (7.3 kilograms). Janet Johnson on Monday remained in an East Texas hospital after generous birth to what her doctors called one of the biggest newborns they have ever seen.

Biggest New born Baby

Mexico biggest baby

She was until word on whether her son, JaMichael Brown, ranked among the biggest births in state the past. 

Guinness World Records said, the heaviest newborn ever recorded weighed 23 pounds (10.43 kilograms), 12 ounces (340 grams), born to an Ohio woman in 1879. 

A newborn baby, born with a weight of 6 Kg, sleeps at the Mexican Social safety Hospital in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and 18 May 2004. 

Despite a high risk pregnancy, doctors say the fourth child of the Gracia family, is in completely good health. In this image from television, nurses hold the baby known as "Super Tonio," in Jesus Kumate Rodriguez hospital in Cancun Mexico Wednesday Jan. 31, 2007. 

At a enormous birth weight of 6.6 kilograms (14.5 pounds), the "little" fellow is causing a feeling in this Mexican resort city. 

According to doctors the baby drinks 5 ounces of milk every three hours, and measures 55 centimeters (22 inches) in length.

 In this image from television, the baby known as "Super Tonio," lies next to a normal baby in Jesus Kumate Rodriguez hospital in Cancun Mexico Wednesday Jan. 31, 2007. 

At a enormous birth weight of 6.6 kilograms (14.5 pounds), the "little" fellow is causing a sensation in this Mexican resort city. 

According to doctors the baby drinks 5 ounces of milk every three hours, and measures 55 centimeters (22 inches) in length. 

Antonio's mother, Teresa Alejandra Cruz, 23, and father, Luis Vasconcelos, 38, said they were proud of the boy, and well-known that Cruz had given birth to a baby girl seven years ago who weighed 5.2 kilograms (11.46 pounds).

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