Interview: The Role Models for Mature Women in Trend Business


When I began, I was told you have a very dumpy life as a model you are over the hill at 27, says Danielle Russell.

Now 44, Danielle was brought up in Aberford, near Leeds, and began modeling at 16. My parents sent me on a custom course, since I was really timid, at the Louise Morton society, and while I was there held a modeling audition.

So began a career that saw her operational for Amanda Wakeley and Bruce Oldfield. Before I had the children I did some lingerie, working for Triumph and Marks & Spencer. Now it's mainly small boutiques, and lots of shopping centers are coming back now with shows, because they had clogged during the depression.

Danielle expects to carry on modeling for a while. There's still a lot of exertion out there, though I wouldn't want to start at my age. People recognize you are departing to turn up and be professional and have your modeling bag. They recognize you know how to talk to patrons. The new girls are not trained as we were.

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