Bingo Hollywood Calls Harry Potter Fans


Bingo Hollywood is well-known for the glitz and the glamour and needs to extend a little of this to their online bingo troupe too. This month Bingo Hollywood is calling Harry Potter fans to give them the chance to win a prize that will see them obtain the red carpet conduct in a promotion that runs right through October. The winner of this online bingo site's top prize will be intriguing a limo ride to see the Harry Potter Premiere in London.

Bingo Hollywood are also generous away some other amazing Harry Potter goodies in this promotion, so if you miss out on the grand prize then there are still bounty of other prizes which are well value winning.

To take part in this online bingo site support, you will need to purchase your tickets for the Wingardium Leviosa patterns. You can do this by clicking on the Jackpots tab at Bingo Hollywood and purchasing tickets for the Hollywood Hogwarts games. This online bingo sites games have fixed prizes of £25 and the aim is to effectively complete the levitation class by winning on one of these pattern at Bingo Hollywood. However, these online bingo sites players who win most on these patterns will set to receive some fantastic Harry Pottery goodies.

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