Amazing Race Asia Visits Legazpi


Truthfully, I wasn’t a passionate fan of the Amazing Race Asia since the first season. I have been watching way too many reality TV shows to keep way. However, life has a way of humoring and poking me exasperatingly the way Facebook does. When you are not asking for it, it is given to you on a blistering hot plate.

Last June, a call came from PR Asia’s head Joyce Ramirez. She asked if I can fly to Legazpi City at petite discern. The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 (TARA 4) has chosen Legazpi City in the Philippines as a pit stop and since it will be shown this October, I was asked to keep the trip top secret.

I didn’t mind the waiting time from Davao to Legazpi via Manila, two hours of sitting in a café for the linking flight. My first trip to Legazpi, doorway to the pleasing Bicol region, was an eye starter. I met the attractive Miss Tessa Prieto-Valdes, who played a valuable one-liner role in TARA’s pit stop at the Eco Park of Misibis Bay Resort, a stunning location where the production stayed in. It takes a separate article to write about the luxury of my host alternative in Cagraray Island. It will take paragraphs just to describe the view from my huge villa, where I stayed alone.

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