More on Denis Gagnon's Gigantic Day

Denis Gagnon

Denis Gagnon’s big date has come and left, and so has my big goal. To meet an particularly early deadline Monday, the day Gagnon was renowned at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, many minutiae had to wait.

The show was as Gagnon had probable a sun-filled glassed space, with the sounds of a garden in the city, as models in his influential fringe pieces made the rounds to a smallish crowd of invited guests. The model in the mossy green trimming summed up the feeling physical, natural, loaches, with a stroke of hard-edge punk, what with spike hair on some models, and nose, ear, lip or eyebrow rings on all.


Gagnon told me he worked like un fou on the pieces not only is the structure intricate beyond grasp, held together as they are by fasten silver chains, crochet or zippers, but he tinted and faded pieces three, maybe four times, to get the preferred effect.

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