Sandra Bullock is a better person 1 year later:2011 oscars

Sandra Bullock slaps the 2011 Oscars looking amazing in a red costume.

It was one year ago that she, herself was nominated, and won, the Academy Award for Best Actress, only to have her world come booming down days later.

Now, one year later, Bullock says she is a "better person" after going throughout a messy divorce with ex husband Jesse James.

"Sandra Bullock looked amazing tonight," tweeted single Cleveland resident. Sandra famously went into privacy just after the shocking news that her husband had been occupied in a cheating scandal, not with just one woman, but with lots of different followers.

Bullock is in a very much better place now and is thrilled about her future with her son Louis.

“I am more patient and willing to help. I really understand where I am," Sandra Bullock exposed on the red carpet. In fact, Sandra is so glad that she recently went back to work.

"I just did my opening day of work in over a year and a half on Friday," Bullock said, referring to the forthcoming film "Really loud and Incredibly Close," co starring Tom Hanks.

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