Young Ukrainian Inventors Create New Amazing Robots

While this airship is now used mostly for promotional and entertainment purposes, young inventors from Kyiv invented a new use of it. 

They say this airborne vehicle can prevent forest fires. 

Dmitry Kondratenko, Inventor Team Coach said, "They round the area. Since they have a camera on floorboard, they can transfer the picture to the operator control unit, or repeatedly search for the source of fire and give a timely warning." 

Ukrainian student’s creations were evaluated at last year’s World Robotics Olympiad in the Philippines. They won the cup for the most innovative robot. 

Scientists from the U.S. and China have since exposed an interest in this prize-winning invention. 

A year earlier in South Korea, young designers took their viewers by surprise with the robot chef. This robot can take a computer drawn image and move it to a cake. 

And this machine is a bar tender. He can go to a bar and push a button with his hand. For example, that button could be on a refrigerator or a video player. 

The robot’s inventor explains how his invention works. Alexei Tkachenko, creator said, "There are claws set on top of the chassis, which the robot can use to grasp a tin can of Coke, for example and a hand with which he presses the button."

The young inventors say that before their thoughts can come to life, they first have to build a model. Then when the sample model is ready, they can start to program it. 

They say working on their inventions can be useful in daily life. Lisa Shepel, Inventor said, "I noticed when I started to listen robotics competitions, I got higher marks in Physics. 

We are not here to solve troubles and we do not consider what laws of Physics are involved, but all the identical, I began to have a better perceptive of Physics. 

And I began to look at things more profitably.” Now students are working on creating new robots to contribute in the next World Robotics Olympiad. And they wish that future creations will win them new trophies.

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