I still have to find the correct man: Deepika

Mumbai, Feb 6 : She is still looking for the right man, says Deepika Padukone who is often stippled with businessman Vijay Mallya's son Siddharth after breaking up with Ranbir Kapoor. 

'I haven't attention of marriage. 

I still have to find the right man to still consider marriage,' Deepika Padukone told newspapers at Imran Khan and Avantika's wedding reception Saturday where she came with Siddhartha

While the reporters asked Siddharth about their relationship, he too accepted the buck on Deepika saying: '

I have planned nothing as yet. You must ask her.' Commenting upon the rumours about his and Deepika's relationship, he said, 'I was out of the country when I heard of it, it made me laugh.' 

Deepika, who featured with Imran in 'Break Ke Baad', said it was must for her to attend her co star's wedding party. 

She said, 'I repay it to Imran Khan. I was shooting in Bhopal and have just landed and coming directly from the airport to attend the reception’.
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