Transformers Scrap Metal Megatron Tank:Ready to Take around the World

This Amazing Transformers Megatron tank sculpture was formed in China and it is a pretty imaginatively large thing, weighing in at almost 5 tons. 

The tank was shaped by Jiang Chen and Yang Junlin’s Wing Wah ironworks industrial unit. 

In this measures about 15 by 10.5 by 8.2 feet. Now that is a large figure! 

It is part of the celebrity of Iron project and this isn’t the first Megatron that they have created. Here is the one from previous year. 

It is an incredible looking Amazing Transformers Megatron tank sculpture. 

I just surprise what they will do with such a large piece. 

It is not like it can move around and moving it will be difficult, but I guess that they are used to this sort of thing at a ironworks company.
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