Wikileaks has been losing $ 618,000 per week since first issue

LONDON: Julian Assange, the founder of the whistleblower website 'Wiki leaks' has said, his site has been losing 600,000 francs (about 618,000 dollars) every week since it first began publishing discreet cables.

According to CBS News, the financial world was shaken when rumours about a major Wiki leaks document intending to embarrass one of America's banking giants, surfaced.

Bank of America supposedly set up a crisis team to deal with the dump, and stocks fell on the rumours. 

Assange said that even though external political pressures on Wiki Leaks have not stopped them from carrying on with their mission, financial troubles have certainly caused problems. 

However, he did not talk about exactly what is costing his website so much money. 

Assange said, “We will not disclose (the banking documents we have) right away. We are too busy with the diplomatic cables and with our financial troubles."

Last year, PayPal, the online payments service had blocked donations to WikiLeaks and to a German foundation that raises funds for it following the release of 250,000 private US government cables. 

The charge at which WikiLeaks has released U.S. diplomatic cables to the public has slowed dramatically in the last few weeks.

However, Assange said that his website was running normally despite the financial difficulties. 

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