Next Generation Soldiers Use Terminator Vision

In the Terminator films, Arnold Schwarzenegger's cybernetic villain turned hero not only had a physical edge over the average punk, he also had bionic visualization, which provided enhanced sight and an properly 80’s visual interface which helped him choose an appropriate response to any situation, such as cursing, requesting for illegal firearms, or telling someone that he will be back.

 DARPA(The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) known for building the Internet for Al Gore, thinks that our soldiers can profit from this kind of enhanced eyesight. They have recently unveiled the SCENICC (Soldier Centric Imaging via Computational Cameras) or Soldier Centric Imaging via Computational Cameras.

Thankfully for our men and women in identical, it won't absorb embedding a T-101 optical array under their eyes. SCENICC takes the form of a helmet mounted specs which will provide the soldiers with 10x stereoscopic zoom and a full 360-degree viewing angle.
The future developments include augmented reality displays that will immediately notice muzzle flashes, identify friend-or-foe and mission overlays. So tomorrow's soldiers will wage war as if they are playing the latest Call of Duty?

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