Hawaii won't release birth information of Obama

Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie will end his mission to prove President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii because it's against state law to release private documents, his office said Friday. 

Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said, State Attorney General David Louie said, the governor he can't reveal an individual's birth documentation without a person's consent. 

"There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do inside the law to produce a document," said Dela Cruz. "Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will persist to question the citizenship of our president." 

Abercrombie, who was a friend of Obama's parents and know him as a child, launched an effort last month to find a way to dismiss conspiracy theories that the president was born elsewhere. 

The governor said at the time he was troubled by people who questioned Obama's birthplace for political reasons.

Hawaii's privacy laws have long banned the release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who doesn't have a touchable interest. 

So called "birthers" claim Obama is ineligible to be president because they say there's no proof he was born in the United States, with many of the skeptics inquiring whether he was actually born in Kenya, his father's home country. 

Hawaii's health director said in 2008 and 2009 that she had seen and verified Obama's original vital records, and birth notices in two Honolulu newspapers were available within days of Obama's birth at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu. 

This information called index data, shows a record for "Obama II, Barack Hussein, Male," according to the department's website. 

The president was born Aug. 4, 1961. The Obama campaign issued a official document of live birth in 2008, an official document from the state showing the president's birth date, city and name, along with his parents' names and races.

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