Junrey Balawing, Soon to be Crowned Smallest Man in the world

Amazing world news : Junrey Balawing is all smiles as he sits next to a plastic jug at his home in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines on Wednesday (March 9). 

The 17 year old Filipino is promising of being crowned the world’s smallest man in June. 

Junrey Balawing stands at an amazing 22 inches, the existing record holder, Edward “Nino” Hernandez stands at 26.4 inches (67.08 cm). 

Originally hailing from Zamboanga Del Nort, Junrey is ingoing adulthood but is just the same size as a one year old toddler. 

He struggles to walk and he can’t stand for long, but he will be celebrating his 18th Birthday in June, making him the smallest man in the world. 

And he looks forward to wearing the crown with pride says, “If I were the smallest man in the world, it would be very cool.".

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