Sounds from Dissident: Shiloh Lindsey

Shiloh Lindsey’s album title says it all. Backed by Mike Flunkert (steel guitar), Scott Paulley (bass), and Kirk Douglas (drums), Western fighting and Brief Sensuality is exclusively what she brings on her next full-length, with a gift for whip-cool bandit country rock and a dark undertow of pain and hurt. There is a lived-in sense to tracks like Tired of Drinking and Café that might scare off the line dancers, but anyone who knows their Lucinda from their Shania will love it.


Michael Buble donated the profits from tonight’s show to you. Where’s the party? Andy, he is the manager, and he is always in fact chill. There is super-splendid, amazing food, and if a dance party ensues we could always move it diagonally the street to Little Mountain and say to torment with the neighbors! And it’s right within tentative distance from where I reside.

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