Dinosaurs Animate Jumps off the Screen In 3D

Michael Douglas narrates this astounding adventure through the dinosaur kingdom the entire family will love. This is the great video for the dinosaur lover in your life. It is available in Blue-ray 3D so the act leaps of the screen.

Let slip the mystery masked under our feet. Join the world's furthermost paleontologists in this eye-popping IMAX adventure as they reveal some of history's most astounding dinosaur finds. You will travel across the epic dunes of the Gobi Desert and along the sandstone butte of New Mexico as scientists make brand new discoveries about dinosaur deeds, their environments and find what could be the oldest dinosaur ever unearthed in North America. With attractively pragmatic and systematically accurate CGI, you will see these remarkable creatures come alive. This is a must have for the dinosaur lover in your life.

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