The Arrival of the Gleeks


While we are merely bearing into the second season of 'Glee', by now Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester, the cut-throat cheerleading coach irritating to destroy the glee club, is leaving down in history as one of TV's funniest women.

It comes then as no revelation that on the day Jane Lynch herself and further cast members of the hit illustrate are in attendance at the Monte Carlo TV Festival that the conference room is full to the rafters with open and closet Gleeks. Basking in the sun and their triumph the talented array of actors assertively struts into the room as if their trait song 'Don't Stop Believing’ is swirling around in their heads.

Early on in the interview when asked who is her favorite character in the show, apart from her own of course, Jane Lynch knowingly or not sums up her entire career in once sentence. My favorite is Tina because she reminds me of myself she's kind of in the background, kind of dark and yet when she breaks out she's amazing.

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