World record challenge: 1,600 kilometer outback ride on electric bike

Emission free journey through the outback will take one week, if pedals go to plan Allan Lear and his green machine set off on his 1,600-kilometer journey. 

Allan Lear set off from the Sunshine Coast this morning on his reliable electric bike. The hottest news has him pedaling his green, 200 watt machine over the Toowoomba Range. 

He plans to travel around 300 kilometers a day, with a peak speed of 65 kph, and complete the 1,600 kilometer journey to Birdsville on September 1. "There will be long stretches of rough dirt road which will be very difficult for the bike. It is a mountain bike and for me,” Lear, 45, told the ABC. 

"If i can do this, then anyone can." If he get succeeds, it will be the longest electric bike ride the world has seen. His self made line will be a green Mini Moke prepared for necessary battery swaps that runs on food scraps. 

Four of his mates will bring along postie bikes and trip some of the way. And, of course, there will be a journalist for Guinness World Records

The journey started at Hahn Environmental Services a sustainable energy and waste removal company Lear runs together with his wife, Gerardine. She is tracking every pedal of her husband’s trial by GPS. He is an adventurer as much as he is an environmentalist, she said. 

“So this suits him he can do both. The breeze turbine he creates pedaling maintains the bikes battery charge." Her husband agrees. “I really consider electric bikes are the transport mode of the hope. They are clean, green and easy to exploit.

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