Nikon Shows Off Wild model Cameras

Nikon was on hand over at some sort of French photography show called Hello Demain, which it seems that means Hello Tomorrow. 

 The show the photography massive was showing off new prototype and idea digital cameras that do not look like anything. I would have likely from Nikon. 

 This camera is really cool and goes little steps more in customization than just letting you choose lenses. The camera has an identical grip and LCD as well. 

The weirdest of the plans is a concept called the Nikon Multiball. There aren’t any real facts and the thing looks like some sort of 3D panoramic camera to me.

The next prototype camera looks similar to tablet with handles on each side. The thing has a 6 inch screen and a variable lever. 

I imagine the nanny cameras is on front and the big screen would let you see your photos and video more happily.

The Nikon i-Ball is an anther concept with no description, but from its looks, I would bet it is a webcam of some sort. What do you think of these cameras?

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