Women Who Motivated A Proud 'Alpha Girl' Attorney

Stefanie J. Sundel

She is a conceited "alpha girl “of Gen Y and a lawsuit associate in a Manhattan-based law firm. I grew up with the fruits of feminism and am fortunate to collect the plums of my grandmother's and mother's years in the well-known trenches. When it comes to mentor, I am well-nourished by the know-how of more skillful, talented women in the law and past. I underline here several mainly rousing ones.

Matching femaleness and Supremacy

Two visionary women entrepreneurs founded a school for girls in 1920, the year women won the right to vote. As we heard at school assemblies, Frances Nicolau Nightingale's kindness and enthusiasm, joined with Maya Stevens Bam ford’s steadfastness and intellectual ambition, created a school to educate the mind and heart together. They had a vision, defined it, refined it, and launched it into action with enthusiasm to flawless execution. For generations, their leadership has helped girls, including me, become strong, independent, confident women in the workplace.

Although I never had the possibility to personally meet Miss Nightingale or Miss Bamford, their legacy was brought to life for me by Dorothy A. Hutchison, Head of School. The way Miss Hutchison carries out her ambitious mission is exemplary. Miss Hutchison rules with a firm fist while being irrefutably feminine and empathetic. She taught me that a woman can lead at an executive level successfully, like a warrior with an armory of attacks, without compromising her femininity and accepted joyfulness.

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