Fashionistas at Home at Corona


Do you hate when people act like the bar is their delicate runway? As if all the nightclub patrons should move out of the way for a little lean girl to prance in a skin-tight setup while everyone watches? Oh, this is a fashion show?

To fund-raise for the launch of his new fashion magazine tramp, local blogging fashionisto Tomik Dash summoned a crowd of Atlanta clothes-horses last Thursday at Halo, below the Biltmore in Midtown. Dash, which was fair a gold-leafed uni brow and a half-foot bleached Mohawk, handed out mini-mags with fashion spreads he styled to tease the real thing to come.

I thought it was purely a stylish set at the party; I didn't understand I was in the presence of Atlanta's haircut. The hairstylists of the city seem to have a tight, influential network and one stern hairstyle after another reminded me of the power beneath those bangs. One elegant gent even had a checkerboard shaved into the sides of his curly ginger Mohawk.

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