America's Next Top Vampire


In an endeavor to teach the models how to deal with the paparazzi, meddling questions and awkward situations which they may stumble upon in their careers, the motto of this week's stimulating episode was when things don't go your way, at times you need 2 cope. Luckily the Upright Citizens Brigade was able to take a break from their thrilled schedule to lend some much needed acting tips to the continuing ten contestants. As actor/comedian JB Smoove from HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm' rightly said, it's all about testing an action to an emotion. Ironically, it was tiresome Brenda who was picked as a helper to try her hand at a bit of inspiration. Unfortunately her stab at changing a weary while feeling upset looked more like a comedian making cotton candy. But in fairness, how could she battle with the man who went before her who changed a baby's diaper. Astonishingly, it was Alasia who managed to portray the most energy and personality with her impression of a delighted scuba-diver. However, it was unacceptable that she only managed to get her tools on.

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