2010 Volkswagon Beetle for Everyone on Oprah

Volkswagen AG amazed and charmed the audience of The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday when it offered each one a free, all-new, 2012 Volkswagen Beetle.

The German automaker gave away symbolic keys to 275 cars that audience members will receive next year. Oprah owns a Beetle of her own and reached out to Volkswagen, telling executives the car is one of her favorite things, Jonathan Browning, president of Volkswagen of America, said.

Smart selling move on the part of Volkswagen to do this on Oprah! The corporation says that two-thirds of Beetle drivers are women, reinforcing the Beetle’s picture as a woman’s car.

The price of the new, redesigned Beetle is unknown yet but the current model starts at $18,690. Volkswagen exposed only the shape of the new model, a sleeker and sportier version of the current Beetle, a contemporary take on VW’s first car.

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