How to buy best certified diamond?

To make surprise for your loved ones, you plan to buy diamond engagement rings, the most important thing to consider is to check if the diamond is certified diamond or not. Always it is better advised to buy diamond from a certified diamonds dealer. This is because the diamonds that you buy from certified dealers would have authenticity and are certified to be what they claim. Hence you can be assured about the purchase. The certification is relatively important as most of the people cannot judge if the diamond is real or fake. First and foremost, it gives an assurance that the diamond has been inspected and certified by one of the reliable diamond laboratories.

There are five diamond grading labs which are popular. They are HRD, EGL, GIA, AGS, and IGI. The certificate given by these labs ensure that the characteristics of the diamond like cut, carat, color and clarity are authentic and have been defined on the certificate after proper inspection. Hence the price of the certified diamonds would be more but it will increase the confidence of the buyers. The diamond certification is generally given by AGS and GIA in the United States. They are considered as reliable sources since they are leading the industry. This diamonds are more expensive than the competitors like IGI and EGL certified diamonds. is the right place to buy certified diamonds cheap and better. The certified loose diamonds gives credibility to the stone while it is purchased. The selling the diamond is also made easy if you have a certificate.

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