Amazing Visions of World

Amazing World Atlas: The World has many amazing wonders often small and ordinary yet takes on a beauty that is unforeseen. Have a glance on the pictures. The Butterflies spatter on shoreline of Juruena River in Brazil new 4.7 million acre Juruena National Park. Several different species flock to riverbanks to sip mineral salts from sand.
Amazing Butterflies
The snorkelers struggle to keep pace with amazing whale shark which is the world biggest fish can grow more than 60 feet long. These rare whale sharks glide along quickly, very tiring even fit swimmers within minutes.
Amazing Whale Shark
The Hungry Lions in Masai Mara pride leave little of wildebeest. The Lions were very involved in eating that which was able to drive very close and take picture.
Amazing Hungry Lions
The Moonlight sets mist aglow on Patagonian peak of Mount Fitz Roy which is known to local people as Cerro Chalten or smoking mountain because its peak is often capped in clouds.
Mount Fitz Roy
More than 3,000 wind turbines stand across the hills of Tehachapi Mojave Wind Resource Area which produces sufficient electricity to provide quarter million residence each year.
Wind Turbines

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