Newberry techno savvy students raising money for calculus calculators

Newberry High School math students may soon be learn in a high tech environment. Math teacher David Hardy is spearheading a fundraiser to obtain specialized calculators for the students that work in conjunction with stylish boards. 

Newberry High School math teacher David Lance Hardy wants his students to not only have a top notch tutoring, but to also enjoy and contribute in subjects like calculus calculator and algebra 2 online that can be rigorous and dry at period. 

His answer to addressing dullness and lack of participation in his classroom is to use new, interactive calculators that will interest this techno savvy generation of students, who are growing up with iPods and laptops. 

The TI-83 calculators, which are manufactured by Texas Instruments, feature screens that are big and colorful, and the math problems can be displayed on smart boards, thanks to the instruments TI-83 help. Below the sponsorship program, a donor does not have to buy the entire package. 

A Bronze sponsorship at $90 will purchase one TI-83 Calculator; a $180 Silver sponsorship will purchase 2, a $450 Gold sponsorship will purchase 5; a $900 Platinum sponsorship will purchase 10 and a $2,100 Diamond sponsorship will purchase one TI-Navigator System. 

The University of Florida has been using these calculus calculators as well, Hardy said, and math professors have offered their help to train Newberry math teachers once they buy the system

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