Prepare to install 300 CCTV cameras in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Following the terror attacks in Mumbai recently, Ahmedabad police has certain to install 300 CCTV cameras at over 100 significant locations across the city. In order to roll out the scheme, there is a plan to form a citizen's security trust, which will raise funds. 

"With the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, we feel that there is an urgent need to have a complex of spy cameras in a city like Ahmedabad, which has always been on the terror target," Police commissioner S K Sinha told PTI.

CCTV Cameras

"The government system takes time, but we need the CCTV network to be installed at the earliest. Therefore, we plan to outline 'Ahmedabad Citizen Security Trust (ACST)', which would fund the project for the initial three years, after which, it would be merged into the government programme," Sinha said.

"The resources raised through donations would be used only for the reason of installing CCTV cameras across the city at over 100 locations," he added.

"Images from the CCTV cameras would be transmitted during 3G broadband network to the police control room, from where, monitoring would be done," Sinha said. He added that the cameras would not only assist in case of terror attacks, but also in the recognition of local crime and traffic related offenses. 

The police commissioner said that such systems need to be installed directly, considering the terror threat. Also, if 2 to 3 years pass before the project is approved, the technology may have changed and more sophisticated security equipments would then be available and it won't make any point in installing old technology cameras, Sinha said. 

According to Sinha, BSNL has approved to be measurement of the project. 

He added that if more funds are together after deducting the cost of CCTV camera network, the ACST could also take up responsiveness activities on security issues in the city. 

Sinha said that he had efficiently implemented parallel models for traffic related issues in Surat and Rajkot districts while he was posted present as police commissioner. 

The state government has already determined to install CCTV based City Surveillance and Intelligent Traffic Management System (CSITMS) in main cities of Gujarat to monitor traffic in responsive areas, for which tenders have been floated. 

Initially the system would be installed in cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Gandhinagar and Somnath. To know more about hidden cameras

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