prince william and kate middleton wedding on 29 Apr 2011

Where will you be when Prince William and Kate Middleton swap vows on Friday, 29 April 2011?

India brings you live the dealings of the much talked about nuptials in recent times. Prince William is to marry his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton on Friday 29 April 2011. 

The ceremony will get place in Westminster Abbey. Prime Minister David Cameron said, it would be "a happy and significant occasion" and would be marked by a public holiday. 

In this picture the couple poses during a photocall at the State Apartments of St James's fort in London to mark their engagement.

Prince William will marry Kate Middleton in Westminster Abbey. The abbey was the location for the weddings of the Queen and Queen Mother and was the venue for Princess Diana's funeral in 1997.

Suspected terror ship seized off Mumbai coast

Mumbai: At 6 pm Sunday evening, intelligence sources brought worrying news: a ship moving arms, missiles and explosives was headed towards Mumbai and would be offloading at the Mumbai coast.

The three agencies in charge for maritime security, the Indian Navy, Coast Guard and marine section of the police reacted instantly. 

The name of the ship was unidentified as was information about its present location. 

According to the intelligence input, defense personnel only had with them the names of two people suspected to be carrying the firearms and missiles. 

The agencies, acting on the inputs shared by the central intellect agencies, swiftly started their search. 

The fear was that the ship could be a major terror risk and a vehicle of terrorist activity. 

A coast guard ship patrolling off the Maharashtra coast was diverted towards Mumbai to help in search for the secrecy ship. 

Over the next few hours, defense workers searched each and every ship anchored off the Mumbai coast

Finally, one ship a Denmark flagged vessel MV Danica Sunrise, was situated at around 10pm on Sunday night.


The Seven Ghosts wave was discovered in Indonesia

Amazing World News : The "Seven Ghosts" is the new baffling wave discovered in Indonesia.

The Rip Curl Search team has been roaming the world looking for new surf spots and found out an incredible tidal not interest that can be surfed eternally. 

Tom Curren, Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Oney Anwar and Tyler Larronde witnessed this endless wave, after few months of searches. 

Tom Curren believes "Seven Ghosts" is the fastest wave of his life. "It is the most amazing Search trip in twenty years", says Tom. 

The video recording leaves you breathless. Some say it is the greatest river bore tube always surfed. 

For several weeks, there was rumours diffusion that an incredible new discovery was achieved, but the Indonesian wave was kept secret.

Suddenly, "Seven Ghosts" becomes a marvel and an Asian myth. It is not easy to get there, it is not easy to survive the dangers and crocodiles are looking forward to get a special meal.

"Seven Ghosts" is as broad and long as heaven. The wave is brown chocolate and breaks for 50 kilometres, in remote Sumatra. Is it real?

Barmy BMX World's first backflip stunt

This incredible video shows a daredevil BMX pro wowing a mass with the world's first 'special flip'.

"Special Greg" Powell manor the world's first "special flip" in Australia.

The great rider "Special Greg" Powell, from Annapolis, Maryland, US, performed the hair raising stunt at MTV's Nitro Circus Live travel around in Australia. 

The trick complicated Powell jumping from his bike as it soared over a 32ft gap among ramps and completing a back flip in mid air before landing back on the BMX. 

The 27 year old pulled off the wonderful trick during the event in Gosford last month. 

This video doesn't require a health warning you had to be flipping crazy to try this at home.

Cricket World Cup 2011- Indian Model Poonam Pandey to support India by going nude!

Mumbai- The whole nation is gripped by the Cricket World Cup fever. 

So, the glamour world is. Indian Famous model Poonam Pandey has decided to go nude in front of the entire stadium if India wins the World Cup. 

Poonam declared “I am a cricket fanatic and I am a diehard supporter of my nation. India needs a lot of support and this is my way of supporting the team.” 

When asked if she is doing it for advertising she stated “Absolutely not. I am confident of my body and I’m doing this to excite our boys to play better.” 

With this she will track the footsteps of lingerie models Luciana Salazar of Argentina and Larissa Riquelme of Paraguay, who have vowed to strip themselves if their favorite team wins the Fifa World Cup. 

Poonam is ready to go nude in face of the cricketers in their dressing room.

If law and the Board of Control for Cricket in India allow then Poonam has no qualm of undressing herself in the stadium.

Poonam has also opened a page for her fans on Facebook to cheer the men in blue.

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