Sandra Bullock is a better person 1 year later:2011 oscars

Sandra Bullock slaps the 2011 Oscars looking amazing in a red costume.

It was one year ago that she, herself was nominated, and won, the Academy Award for Best Actress, only to have her world come booming down days later.

Now, one year later, Bullock says she is a "better person" after going throughout a messy divorce with ex husband Jesse James.

"Sandra Bullock looked amazing tonight," tweeted single Cleveland resident. Sandra famously went into privacy just after the shocking news that her husband had been occupied in a cheating scandal, not with just one woman, but with lots of different followers.

Bullock is in a very much better place now and is thrilled about her future with her son Louis.

“I am more patient and willing to help. I really understand where I am," Sandra Bullock exposed on the red carpet. In fact, Sandra is so glad that she recently went back to work.

"I just did my opening day of work in over a year and a half on Friday," Bullock said, referring to the forthcoming film "Really loud and Incredibly Close," co starring Tom Hanks.

What did you think regarding Sandra Bullock's look at the 2011 Oscars?
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Julian Assange faces extradition for sex crimes

A British judge ruled that the Wiki leaks founder can be extradited to Sweden. Assange's lawyer will request. 

Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden in a sex crimes investigation, a British judge ruled Thursday, rejecting claims by the Wiki Leaks founder that he would not look a fair trial there. 

Assange's lawyer said he would appeal. Judge Howard Riddle said the allegations of rape and sexual molestation by two women beside Assange meet the definition of extraditable offenses and said the Swedish warrant had been properly issued and was valid. 

Assange, 39, a key number in the release of tens of thousands of secret U.S. government and military documents, has been out on security during the extradition fight. 

He has seven days to request the ruling in British courts. 

After inquiry three days of testimony this month, Riddle concluded "there is simply no reason to believe there has been a mistake" about the European Arrest Warrant issued by Swedish authorities. 

In his judgment, the judge dismantled the defense case against extradition point by point. He abandoned the claim that comments made against Assange by Swedish prosecutors and politicians would pervert the course of justice. 

Assange's lawyers also said that Sweden's institution of hearing rape cases behind closed doors meant he would not get a fair trial, but Riddle said the practice was frequent in Sweden. 

Wiki Leaks has released tens of thousands of U.S. military documents on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and on U.S. political efforts worldwide, deeply angering U.S. officials. 

"If he comes to Sweden I think he has great chances of being untied," Hurtig said. "And I will be waiting for him, ready to fight for him tooth and nail.

" Smith said Assange remains welcome at his residence".
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Space shuttle Discovery suspended for final liftoff

Amazing World : CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla, Space shuttle Discovery is suspended to make its last flight. 

The launch countdown is in its last hours, with fueling set to begin shortly after sunrise Thursday. 

This time, NASA is confident no hydrogen gas will leak and no cracks will enlarge in the fuel tank. 

Both those troubles cropped up during the initial countdown in November. 

The maintenance took almost four months. Discovery will head to the Worldwide Space Station with a crew of six, as well as a load of supplies and a humanoid robot. 

This will be the 39th flight for NASA's oldest existing shuttle. Discovery initial blasted off in 1984, and has since logged 143 million miles. 

NASA expects 40,000 guests on hand in Florida for Discovery's farewell launch.

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Amazing X-rays of chinese guy

These X-rays afford a glimpse of some amazing incidents perhaps enhanced left to the imagination. 

A Chinese man's attack headache ended this week when doctors removed a rusty 4-inch knife blade that had been lodged in his skull for four years.

Li Fuyan said, a robber had stabbed him on the right side of his chin. 

For years, Li had suffered from cruel headaches and had trouble breathing, but didn't know it was since a knife blade was stuck inside his head, reported The Associated Press. 

'As time passed, I used injections to kill the ache in my head and ears, 30 years Li told Chinese state TV. 

'It has been four years previously.' The hospital announced on Feb. 18 that the surgery was flourishing, calling it a 'miracle.'
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Young Ukrainian Inventors Create New Amazing Robots

While this airship is now used mostly for promotional and entertainment purposes, young inventors from Kyiv invented a new use of it. 

They say this airborne vehicle can prevent forest fires. 

Dmitry Kondratenko, Inventor Team Coach said, "They round the area. Since they have a camera on floorboard, they can transfer the picture to the operator control unit, or repeatedly search for the source of fire and give a timely warning." 

Ukrainian student’s creations were evaluated at last year’s World Robotics Olympiad in the Philippines. They won the cup for the most innovative robot. 

Scientists from the U.S. and China have since exposed an interest in this prize-winning invention. 

A year earlier in South Korea, young designers took their viewers by surprise with the robot chef. This robot can take a computer drawn image and move it to a cake. 

And this machine is a bar tender. He can go to a bar and push a button with his hand. For example, that button could be on a refrigerator or a video player. 

The robot’s inventor explains how his invention works. Alexei Tkachenko, creator said, "There are claws set on top of the chassis, which the robot can use to grasp a tin can of Coke, for example and a hand with which he presses the button."

The young inventors say that before their thoughts can come to life, they first have to build a model. Then when the sample model is ready, they can start to program it. 

They say working on their inventions can be useful in daily life. Lisa Shepel, Inventor said, "I noticed when I started to listen robotics competitions, I got higher marks in Physics. 

We are not here to solve troubles and we do not consider what laws of Physics are involved, but all the identical, I began to have a better perceptive of Physics. 

And I began to look at things more profitably.” Now students are working on creating new robots to contribute in the next World Robotics Olympiad. And they wish that future creations will win them new trophies.

Apple working on slighter, cheaper iPhone - report

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Inc is functioning on a smaller and less expensive version of the iPhone, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing sources.

The report said, the prototype device is about one-third smaller than the iPhone 4, citing a person who had seen it. 

Apple has considered selling the new iPhone for $200 without a two-year wireless agreement, Bloomberg reported. 
Apple is aiming to reveal the device around the middle of this year, but the launch may be delayed or canceled altogether, the report said. 

Apple did not respond to a request for statement. The company often develops products it never brings to marketplace. 

According to this report, Apple is also working on a dual-mode phone that would be able to work with the world's two main wireless standards. 

AT&T, which carries the iPhone on its wireless network in the United States, declined to statement. 

Verizon Wireless, which besides carry the device, could not be reached for comment. Shares of Cupertino, California-based Apple blocked down 1 percent at $354.54 on the Nasdaq on Thursday.

I still have to find the correct man: Deepika

Mumbai, Feb 6 : She is still looking for the right man, says Deepika Padukone who is often stippled with businessman Vijay Mallya's son Siddharth after breaking up with Ranbir Kapoor. 

'I haven't attention of marriage. 

I still have to find the right man to still consider marriage,' Deepika Padukone told newspapers at Imran Khan and Avantika's wedding reception Saturday where she came with Siddhartha

While the reporters asked Siddharth about their relationship, he too accepted the buck on Deepika saying: '

I have planned nothing as yet. You must ask her.' Commenting upon the rumours about his and Deepika's relationship, he said, 'I was out of the country when I heard of it, it made me laugh.' 

Deepika, who featured with Imran in 'Break Ke Baad', said it was must for her to attend her co star's wedding party. 

She said, 'I repay it to Imran Khan. I was shooting in Bhopal and have just landed and coming directly from the airport to attend the reception’.
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Now track your car from your browser easily

Dubai: Parents worried about their son's overspeeding ways or the wayward behaviour of a driver, a low cost Internet based GPS vehicle tracking system is estimated to be just the solution.

Developed by a Qatari IT service provider, the T-Qat vehicle tracking system is being touted as the only monitoring system which has a web server developed in Qatar and has an Internet based Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker adapted for local users. 

The service provider aims to make longer the service to more Gulf countries as well as Africa while subscribers outside Qatar will need to pay along with the yearly fee the monthly GSM roaming charges.

The system is expected to prove mainly useful in improving vehicle breakdown services as well as to monitor vehicles which transport school students as well as day and night shift employees of companies. 

The service contributor, Advanced Technologies and Solutions, which has developed the tracking system, is participating at the Qatar Motor Show in Doha to create awareness for the device. 

Installing the system in a vehicle can help a company or a person have complete control over the second party usage of their vehicles while sitting before a computer with an Internet connection. 

They can be able to track the vehicle's location, movement and speed travelled by the vehicle user and can also set off a speed alarm.

The current clients of the compact include car rental, limousine as well as trading and construction companies. 

The system also gives the owner of a car the ability to cut off the engine of a vehicle with a click on their laptop or a mobile via the web following necessary safety precautions. 

The Report Management System provides programmed fleet management reports on over-speeding, historical data, parking and running reports along with geographical area and mileage reports. 

The system operates with the GPS vehicle tracking device linked to the ignition system and other desired parts of a vehicle, after a subscriber has registered online with the service provider paying an annual fee.
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Oil mafia: Govt sitting on ex-IAS officer's report

Mumbai: As Maharashtra Government cracks down on the oil mafia in the wake of horrible murder of Additional District Collector Yashwant Sonawane, a 15 year old report on curbing oil corruption menace prepared by a former IAS officer is gathering dust at the state secretariat. 

"I submitted the statement to the Government in 1995-96. 

Nothing has been completed so far," Leena Mehendale, the then Nashik Divisional Commissioner, told PTI. Sonawane was scorched alive by the oil mafia in Malegaon, Nashik district, on Tuesday for having fractured down on them. 

"This report came to Mantralaya (secretariat). All that we learnt was that no battle was going to be taken said Mehendale, who retired last year as Additional Chief Secretary. 

The report has noted that oil adulteration and pilferage were unchecked in the region where Sonawane was killed. It has also recommended review of licenses of vendors. 

She said, “I suggested that petrol and kerosene licenses should not be given to the same person," adding that the administration has turned a blind eye towards this suggestion, leading to rampant adulteration. 

Mehendale had discussed the issue with the then Law Secretary of Maharashtra, looking for an amendment to the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). 

She recommended that rationing inspectors should get the right to file cases in court.
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