Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry: I Was Never Immense With Women. But I Am Happier Now I am Older


He is the James Bond of rock'n'roll with the looks and the lifestyle that make even supermodels black out.

Kate Moss calls him the sexiest man in music and, at 65; he is dating a stunning 28-year-old called Amanda Sheppard.

But in an exclusive interview Bryan Ferry, who has scored all-inclusive hits with Love is the Drug, Avalon and Jealous Guy, admits: I am not great at all with women. I have got no confidence. I am awful at chatting girls up. Dreadful. I have never been the guy in the nightspot who could go up to women and know what to say.

I have sat back and watched other men do it. Some guys, like Brian Eno are completely significant. That's never been me. I have always found it difficult to meet girls. But definitely in his Roxy prime, models must have been throwing themselves at him? He shakes his head.

Ferry's terms don't quite sit with the image that saw him named the Most Alluring Man at this year's GQ Awards. Neither do they sit with a guy whose ex-lovers include models Jerry Hall and Lucy Helmore or one who divides his time between his luxury London home, his house in the country and jet-setting around the world.

Tell You Why Their Parties Are Hot

They jumped at the invitation to a YFM and Jagermeister party at The Sound Room in Kyalami last week. This radio station can crowd a party anywhere and folk will come.

The place was crowded with the young, the fabulous and the unmarried. YFM certainly knows how to look after its viewers with a free bar and free food.

They spotted Jennifer Mussanhane from Big Brother All Stars, who shared sex tips and set what we already know, that the best place to party is Johannesburg. She is truly pretty and so petite so small, in fact, that some of us thought she was a pre-teen.

Rapper Slikour gave a magnificent presentation. He later told me his newborn son is stunning, and yes, it is a boy as I only make kings.

The Durban boys, L'vovo and DJ Tira, rocked the house as usual, and since they will use most of the festive season in Joburg, there's no point scurrying off to Durbs to party this holiday.

Celebrity Motivated Trendy Fauxhawk Hairstyle

Everyone today wishes a hairstyle that is fashionable, stylish and can make his/her look stand out from rest. There are lots of hairstyles available and today’s invention is seeking haircuts that will permit them to look hip hop and special at the same time. Today’s one of the hottest hairstyles that never fails to stun onlookers is Fauxhawk hairstyle.

Fauxhawk hairstyle is a newer version of Mohawk hairstyle. Mohawk is 80’s popular look and now its current variant Faux Hawk has become a humid hairstyle among people. This hairstyle conveys a young and playful glimpse. This hairstyle can be styled with directly as well as wavy hair.

2010 Volkswagon Beetle for Everyone on Oprah

Volkswagen AG amazed and charmed the audience of The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday when it offered each one a free, all-new, 2012 Volkswagen Beetle.

The German automaker gave away symbolic keys to 275 cars that audience members will receive next year. Oprah owns a Beetle of her own and reached out to Volkswagen, telling executives the car is one of her favorite things, Jonathan Browning, president of Volkswagen of America, said.

Smart selling move on the part of Volkswagen to do this on Oprah! The corporation says that two-thirds of Beetle drivers are women, reinforcing the Beetle’s picture as a woman’s car.

The price of the new, redesigned Beetle is unknown yet but the current model starts at $18,690. Volkswagen exposed only the shape of the new model, a sleeker and sportier version of the current Beetle, a contemporary take on VW’s first car.

Are You A Catwalk King Or Queen?


Covet to strut your stuff on the catwalk? Consider a career in modeling? Then this is your chance.

Oxford Fashion Week is not only incisive for the Face of OFW, but also the 80 male and female catwalk models desired for the five OFW shows.

Auditions are being held, in connection with Flawless Models, on Saturday, December 4, between 5pm and 8pm at The House Bar in Blue Boar Street.

John Spyrou, models casting director, said I am looking for a sundry group of models, from the outstanding and unusual for the Concept Show, my favorite, to the classical and elegant Couture Show. All models will be considered regardless of modeling experience.

Last year’s ‘Face’, Witney girl Tiffany Saunders, has given that featured in London Fashion Week and on the international fashion stage.

Celeb Beauty Scoop! The Victoria’s Covert Models Drop Their Can’t-Live-Lacking-It Beauty Products!


Last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a banquet for the eyes, with wonderful lingerie and striking models! I will bet you have always wondered what makes those glamazons so striking well, the HL reporting squad trapped a few of them and they Dished! Here are their can’t-live-without-it beauty products!

Chanel Iman and Erin Heatherton are crazy about custody moisturized! After all, dry skin can look terrible under all that lighting. Both turn to Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Body Oil for soft, glowing skin.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel both love to smell as gorgeous as they look. They both raved about Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau De Parfum!

Selita Ebanks says she an enormous tomboy, but she can’t seem to live lacking blusher. You can get long, lush lashes similar to her with Victoria’s furtive PRO Voluptuous Mascara!

A Candy-Color Nighttime of Soul with Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, And the Victoria's Covert Angels

The Victoria's covert Fashion Show a gigantic, loud and lavish no-holds-barred explosion of sex and skin, wholly and apologetically resplendent, soaked in excess, overflowing with sequins, feathers, Technicolor stripes and oceans of fuchsia-tangerine blast-lighting took place last night at the 69th Regiment Armory last night.

Welcome to Club Victoria, a voice echoed over the sound system. Then the voice said to turn off all mobile devices. If you have to be on your phone during a show like this, you have other problems.

The highlights were wide and solid to accept out, or even differentiate, from the whole of the show. The Victoria's Secret models came out dressed like sailors, peacocks, cowgirls, Nascar pit crews, boxers, Amazon princesses and their ordinary angel clothe all while running to wear basically nothing at all, of course. The country club scenery featured Aryan clones sculpted like Greek statues, while jungle scenery featured dark-skinned men with face paint dancing with arms akimbo. The contiguous the thing came to irony was when the models just wore underwear.

Victoria's Top Secret Models Keep Their Curves Furtively


They wear nothing but teeny-tiny lingerie on the runway for the Victoria's covert fashion shows and photo shoots, and look remarkable doing so. But it seems the Victoria's Secret Angels look perfect no subject what they wear.

A collection of VS models including Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Stam, Alessandra Ambrosia and Adriana Lima attended the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Preview in New York today.

And even in black T-shirts, jeans and leather jackets, the girls oozed sex appeal as they posed together at the New York State arsenal. The ladies are preparing for Wednesday night, when they will be hitting the runway for the brand's annual fashion show extravaganza.

Fashion Challenge Call for Those Leggy Models


If you visualize yourself as a designer or dream of gracing the catwalk in high style while chafing shoulders with the who’s who of the fashion industry, Weekend Post is giving you the chance to make your dreams come true.

Weekend Post and J and B are once more hosting one of the glitziest fashion extravaganzas in the region the reality-style Fashion Challenge which puts the highlight on aspiring catwalk queens and up-and-coming designers.

Not only will this opposition springboard the careers of young fashion, it will also see both winners jetting off to Cape Town for an all-expenses paid trip worth R30000 to the J&B Met in January next year.

The two winners will combine with the rich and famous in J and B’s VIP marquee at the premier horse racing and fashion event. Additional cash prizes are also up for grabs during the competition.

Although the Fashion Challenge is only in its second year, Weekend Post has had more than 20 years’ experience in identifying the Eastern Cape’s most beautiful models and jerk-starting their careers through ground-breaking competitions like Style Force, Faces of the Future and Images 2000.

Han Sunhwa to Star in a Movie

SECRET’s Han Sunhwa exposed on a recent show of MBC’s spray that she auditioned for the female lead in director Kwon Soo Kyeong’s new movie, Little Heroes.

Kwon, along with actors Choi Ran and Park Joon Kyu, oversaw the judging of the auditions, and found Sunhwa’s attempt to be the most agreeable. Sunhwa beat out 34 other hopefuls (all girl group members), and signed the pact right then and nearby at the audition.

Top Model Amanda Ware's Proud Parents


RAY and Jenny Ware, the parents of Australia's Next Top Model winner Amanda Ware, were special visitors at the Gold Coast Tennis Association dinner at Radisson Resort on Saturday night.

They told CC how pompous they were of their daughter and the way she conducted herself right through the exhausting rivalry and especially the entire the winner isn't saga on Foxtel. Amanda is now in New York as part of her prize and loving being in such a great city, said proud Papa Ray.

She was only believed to be there for a week but the comeback to her has been amazing and so she had to expand her stay for another three weeks. She also confessed to being a bit longing but expectantly she will be so busy that will shortly pass.

America's Next Top Vampire


In an endeavor to teach the models how to deal with the paparazzi, meddling questions and awkward situations which they may stumble upon in their careers, the motto of this week's stimulating episode was when things don't go your way, at times you need 2 cope. Luckily the Upright Citizens Brigade was able to take a break from their thrilled schedule to lend some much needed acting tips to the continuing ten contestants. As actor/comedian JB Smoove from HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm' rightly said, it's all about testing an action to an emotion. Ironically, it was tiresome Brenda who was picked as a helper to try her hand at a bit of inspiration. Unfortunately her stab at changing a weary while feeling upset looked more like a comedian making cotton candy. But in fairness, how could she battle with the man who went before her who changed a baby's diaper. Astonishingly, it was Alasia who managed to portray the most energy and personality with her impression of a delighted scuba-diver. However, it was unacceptable that she only managed to get her tools on.

GUESS Who Designs Lindsey Wixson's Prom Dress?

Lindsey Wixson

Most sixteen year olds are eager about their prom dress, oui? But whilst most sixteen year olds might be able to sway their mum to buy them incredible spangly from Topshop, very few have the incredible honor of having a prom dress formed for them by (designer du jour) Jason Wu. That, though, is EXACTLY what the ridiculously elegant Lindsay Wixson has just exposed is on the cards for her, when she attends her prom next year.

Wixson is one pretty special juvenile lady. Not only has the Kansas born model already starred in campaigns for Miu Miu, Barneys and Jil Sander and walked for the likes of Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, BUT it’s just been announced that she’s going to be starring in spring ’11 campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Mulberry.

But, because she’s only sixteen she’s still got all those teenage things to look ahead to like irksome custom made Jason Wu to her prom and learning to drive her first car.

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